Meet our Staff

Magan Jansen

Magan Jansen has been an employee with EyeCare Partners since 1999. Magan began working at the Oskaloosa office as a frame stylist and over the years has enjoyed learning various tasks throughout the office. Now working primarily in the Pella office, she focuses on helping the doctors with miscellaneous management tasks. She enjoys working at EyeCare Partners for many reasons, but says the best part is being able to work with doctors and staff who are compassionate, fun loving, and care very much about the work they are involved in.

Magan, her husband Tom, and their two children are lifelong residents of Oskaloosa (GO INDIANS!). Magan loves to travel with her family, and looks forward to scheduling trips to tropical locales where she can snorkel…any day now would be just great!! Something you may not know about her…she has two Bengal cats and a very large American Bulldog who help keep her home life even more interesting than her kids do!