Meet our Staff

Sarah Hartson

Sarah Hartson has been a doctor’s assistant with EyeCare Partners for over 16 years. Her roles in the office have varied over the years, making her a great “Jack of All Trades” staff member. From frame selection to insurance questions, contact lens education to patient screening and pre-testing…we like to keep Sarah busy. She currently takes on our practice scheduling, working closely with the doctors to ensure we know who goes where and when. Even the doctors agree, this is a hefty task…and she handles it all with a smile—most of the time.

She appreciates the personal respect and flexibility ECP has provided through the years, allowing her to work two days per week so that she can fulfill her family’s needs. A Pella native, Sarah and her husband Jeremy have four children that keep them busy. During the summer you can frequently find them enjoying a baseball or softball game. Their most memorable family adventure so far has been the adoption of their youngest child from Ethiopia. The whole family enjoyed learning about Ethiopian culture—especially the food! Sarah has become a budding cultural chef of sorts, learning to use and prepare Ethiopian foods for her family. Using the Ethiopian spice Berbere she can really spice things up, but not everyone can handle the heat. The little one likes his hot, hot, hot…but some of the others do not, not, not!