Meet our Staff

Stacy Green

Stacy Green has been employed by ECP for over 15 years. Work in the Oskaloosa office keeps her on her toes, but she enjoys the daily challenges and keeping a good sense of humor with her co-workers even when things are hectic! A good laugh always helps to make the day go faster! She is happy to help give an opinion to patients picking new glasses, teaching new contact lens wearers about care and removal, placing daily orders in the lab, and assisting Dr. Else—with her winning smile, of course. She is very thankful for the family oriented atmosphere ECP has provided through the years, and the blessing of many lifelong friendships she has found through work.

Stacy and her husband, Terry, live in Oskaloosa and have been married for over 20 years. They have 4 boys—the twins Collin and Cody are both in college; their middle child, Andrew is following in his brothers’ footsteps loving to play every sport; and the little one Cameron, loves to tag along. That’s right…busy, busy, busy and only more fun to come! Stacy’s most treasured times are spent with her family. She will brave the elements to go four wheeling with the boys, watch them shoot, and attend every game possible—wind, rain, or worse! She also enjoys seasonal family traditions like making jelly and canning sweet corn, and loves to fit in some family game playing when they get together. If she has leftover time you can find her catching a movie with a friend, or taking a short shopping trip as time allows.